The Turn4 Logistic's mission is to provide our customers with the best transportation experience that demonstrates our values – HARD  WORK, DEDICATION, EFFICIENCY, and CUSTOMER FOCUS. We utilize the latest equipment and technology to provide a low-maintenance driving environment that is fully compliant with all Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's regulations.

Turn4 Logistics always strives to be an industry leader that values our employees and their contributions.


Thank you for visiting the Turn4 Logistics website. At Turn4 Logistics, HARD WORK, DEDICATION, EFFICIENCY, and CUSTOMER FOCUS, all within a faith-based environment, make us a superior company with outstanding values and service, and our team strives every day to embody these values.

Our team of professional drivers, dispatchers, accounting and management have extensive experience in the logistics industry. Our knowledge of the complete supply chain allows us to always handle your freight in the most effective and efficient manner.

Turn4 Logistics is focused on the shipping process. We understand that every step of the process must be handled with equal care, from pick-up to delivery. We train on this process and execute successfully on a daily basis.

Finally, our investment in staff at Turn4 is key to what makes our company thrive. We understand that the investment our team makes in Turn4, and we invest in our staff in return, offering competitive incentive pay, driver benefits, insurance, and flexible home time. This is in part why Turn4 is so dependable. As you work with Turn4 Logistics, you will see the pride that shines through everyone at our company.