Join the Turn4 team as we grow to accommodate our expanding fleet. Once here, you’ll realize how valuable you are to a carrier that cares! If you have an interest in joining the Turn4 team, click the application link below.


Turn4 Logistics understands the importance of quality home time for drivers and their families. Many of our management team members were drivers themselves at one point in their careers, so we do everything we can to support a positive work-life balance that makes both time for your family and money while you’re on the road. We work hard to meet our driver team members' home time needs, even going so far as to guarantee that drivers will return home every seven to ten days, or more frequently should they so desire. And if that drive schedule won't work for a contract, we'll tell you up front. We also have a driver request program for those with unexpected or special needs that arise, or for those who may need to attend important functions.


At Turn4 Logistics, knowledge is power. With proper training, all of our driver team members become safe, efficient, and productive. This is why we equip our drivers with the tools they need to be successful every step of the way. We apply a problem-solving-based training approach to every facet of the driving experience, which allows our drivers to learn and apply the skills and traits to make better decisions rather than simply addressing problems when they come up.

Our training methods and sound decision-making processes lead to greater safety, a #1 priority at Turn4 Logistics. Safety is the natural product of good training. By taking advantage of the training we offer, our drivers not only protect themselves and others, they also become more efficient and bring in higher salaries. Each day we are one step closer to having the safest, most reliable driving team pulling flatbeds in the industry.


If you are interested in joining our team, please contact our recruiting department today.